Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Lockdown Day 42 - Old Oak, New Growth

A walk on the Chase, having joined L to help her with some tasks at the stables this morning.  Visiting infrequently the changes in the growth are much more noticeable, including my favourite oak tree, tucked in amongst its larger evergreen neighbours.

I was trying to emphasise the new leaves growing on the branches, which when you view them stand out from the darker greens of the pine needles.  However I tried to process it in colour it didn't stand out as I'd hoped, but converting to black and white helped.  It's still not quite how I'd pre visioned it, but hey-ho.  It might work in infra red, which I might try if I get a chance.

News on the family front is that mother and new baby are back home.  We had the entertainment of a video of their dog meeting the baby for the first time.  

Day Miles: 4.8 miles Total miles: 564.8 miles

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