Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

I could not wait another day to post my first hummer of the year, and this lovely guy was most cooperative in hovering around the feeder against a perfect background.  And, happily, conditions were overcast which meant the light was ideal and the image required almost nothing in the way of edits.   In short order, I spotted my first female of the season, so that bodes well for the summer.  

The catbirds, who arrived so quietly last week are now in full territorial fervor with an astonishing array of noises coming from all corners of the yard.

Mister bluebird was back again this morning with his new mate.  I got a good look at her this time and can see that she is much paler than his original mate.  There was much discussion about the nest box but apparently no decision yet.  Fingers crossed.  

An otherwise quiet day.  It's cold and blustery outside so after planting a bunch of gladiola bulbs, I called off the gardening for the day.  Hubs and I are planning an excursion to Walmart this afternoon so that I can pick up some bird thistle and suet.  Amazing how a simple trip to the store now feels like a big (and somewhat scary) adventure these days.

Tomorrow should have a return to warmer temps so I plan to get out in the morning .

Still watching the numbers.  They continue to come down, but so many people still die each day which is just wrenching.  My heart goes out to every family who has lost someone to this virus...

Be safe.  Be kind.  Love your mask.


Covid Stats
Total positives as of today in NJ- 131,890
Total deaths in NJ - 8,549
Total cases in Sussex County - 995 deaths - 122

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