By strawhouse

Lazy Day

Most of today was spent sat in the garden admiring yesterday's handiwork. Thankfully I didn't ache at all which was unexpected. Ordinarily when I do gardening I cant move the next day.
In the afternoon I decided to crowbar the Little Misses and Mr K out of the house and out for a walk. Enjoy the last of the sun before  temperature plummets tomorrow.
It was lovely. Over the fields to look at the lambs.
We set up the screen in the garden again for another cinema night . Night at the Museum tonight. Which I really didn't want to watch because I hate Adam Sandler but it turns out it's not Adam Sandler but Ben Stiller who I always think is Adam Sandler and who I hate too.
I actually really enjoyed it. Out in the garden with my blanket and hot water bottle and hot chocolate!

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