By strawhouse


Wet and windy today. What a change!
Mr Tesco’s brought us food this morning so it was the usual fun and games getting it all sorted and put away. It takes hours!
Miss L spent most of the afternoon on this maths challenge. I tried to help but it was a case of the blind leading the blind!
It was like a horrific sudoku where you think you’ve got it, then you get a square where it can only be one of the numbers you thought you’d already sorted.
And it didn’t help that halfway through Miss L realised there wasn’t a number 19 on the original list and she may have deleted another number. It originally came through electronically.
I emailed her teacher to get a copy of the original and yes, there were a few discrepancies! She’d deleted the number 30 and there were two 4s!!
We still couldn’t do it though.
Eventually Mr K, unable to listen to our gung-ho guess and hope approach, and all the giggling and whooping, told us to revisit our original grid with all the possibilities. There were one or two mistakes!!! The odd factor of 126 that was also a prime number, or a square number that was even!
Miss L and I were laughing hysterically at our stupidity, Mr K was despairing!!
But we did it!! Whoop whoop!!
And then they played Talisman.

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