Little Miss Shopper

We’ve been meaning to get Miss E a Go Henry card for ages. Try and get her to realise money isn’t infinite, doesn’t grow on trees, doesn’t need to be spent on tat the minute it’s in your grubby little hands and, most importantly, has to be earned.
The other day, having heard about Go Henry from her friends, Miss E also decided it sounded like a good idea. She filled out as much of the application form online that she could and then gave it to Mr K to finish!! That’s generally the best way to get things done!!!
It arrived yesterday and to say she was excited would be a massive understatement!!!
She used it this morning at Harris + Hoole to get money out of the cashpoint (so it doesn’t grow on trees but comes out of machines in the wall!!!)
She was straight onto the app and set up a transfer for a savings account (£4 a week) and - incredibly sweetly - a donation of 15p a week to the NSPCC . It all helps!!!
Last match of the season for Miss E and I today. And obviously a trip to Primark beforehand. She was torn between this top and a t-shirt but - and this was the whole point - she said if she bought both she’d have no money left.
She plumped for the top.
And I bought her the £1.80 t-shirt!!!
The less said about the football the better. Bloody Wolves!
Mr K had a bit of a disaster collecting Miss L from a party this afternoon. Miss E’s mum has taken her to the party with Miss E after their sleepover and I’d told Mr K to collect her from Wicken at 4pm. He got there in good time only to discover that the hall was empty with no sign of anyone at all. Oops!!
It turned out I’d got the wrong village hall and he was supposed to be at Akeley, about fifteen minutes away. Oops!!!
I texted the mum and blamed Mr K entirely took full responsibility and said he was on his way. It was fine and Miss L was happily playing when he got there!

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