By Teasel

Blue Door

Sunday morning came and went,  I didn’t really get out of the bit.  I did bake a sumptuous chocolate cake and plant a few more seeds, but apart from that didn’t achieve very much.  After lunch BB had the choice of going for a cycle with TT or a walk with me.  He chose a walk with me.  He was warned not to moan!  We set off and the rain started – it had been forecast  At least we had had the sense to wear coats.  It wasn’t cold, but it was wet.  However, by the time we got home, we had dried off and the sun was out again.  BB didn’t moan too much and it was nice to be out with ,  chatting about this and that.  When we got home TT was in the midst of preparing a roast chicken dinner.  He had got absolutely soaked on his cycle ride – but I think he still enjoyed it.

Later TT and I watched the last episode of Mrs Wilson.  There were no answers.

A blue door at Lennoxlove – after the rain.

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