By Teasel


Monday morning again and TT and I were both working.  BB on the other hand had the May Day bank holiday, which just meant he didn’t have to do any school work.  I spent my day on back to back calls.  I was worn out by 5pm, but had to catch up with my emails.  I had only managed a fifteen minute break for a  late lunch, so I wandered outside at 5pm for a wee while to savour the late afternoon sunshine, before tackling my in box. Before I knew it, BB was asking what was for tea.  There was no plan, so I found a few leftovers in the fridge and cobbled a reasonable tea together.  I then headed out for my daily exercise.  It was a lovely evening and I felt I walked further than I have done on recent evenings, but didn’t end up with any more steps.  It was them home for episode 5 of Spooks.

The cows are back in their field.

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