I wasn’t sure about it, but I decided to try a run this morning.  5K or 5 miles was the question. It was a glorious morning, so bright, blue sky and everything looking so green and lush – but it was freezing.  I was glad I had put on a base layer, but gloves wouldn’t have come a miss.  In the end I plodded slowly for five miles.  I could feel every step – not in a painful way – more of an ache in my legs, probably due to the bruising.  My hip seemed fine. I did step carefully though when on uneven surfaces!

It was then a quick change and off to see BB’s rugby – another sevens tournament.  They won one game, lost another by one try and  lost the third game.  BB was a bit frustrated at his team – but that soon passed!  TT and I were frozen.  Although it was a really sunny morning, the wind was bitterly cold.  I don’t think I really warmed up till early evening.

After lunch, TT and I did a bit of shopping.  Later the boys were going to church in Dunbar, so I joined them so I could go for a wee walk to stretch my legs and more importantly my hip.  The wind had dropped and it was much more pleasant than earlier.  I walked along by the harbour and the east beach.

It was then home for chicken curry which I had prepared earlier and the last two episodes of Line of Duty – series 4.  We can start on series five now!

The kittiwakes who nest in the ruins of Dunbar Castle are very noisy.  The eider ducks were all hunkered down (extra).

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