By dunkyc

The Runger

I mentioned a few blips ago that the term “rungasm” had come into my life and today, I think I experienced another one.

To the uninitiated, this term is used to denote “the high” experienced after a particularly enjoyable run.

I have found that the “rungasm” often follows the “runger” aka. the desire to run when unable to. This is another new term in my life. Today, I had the runger on me like you wouldn’t believe and when lunchtime hit, I donned my scandalously tight running top (hello, ladies) having already taped up my nipples (I’m not just going to give it away), added some shorts and a new pair of running socks (never thought I would get excited about socks) and hit the road, jack.

The thing I have struggled with is pacing myself, but today I just felt like I found my groove and with sun at my back, I diligently made my way round the 10k. It felt great and the time wasn’t too shabby either.

I did see quite a lot of people about and I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but it seemed like there were a lot more cars on the road too? Maybe a few people pre-empting Mr Johnson’s Sunday night speech? Who knows? For the sake of balance, I’m also seeing a lot more face masks about, but maybe that’s just as a result of the places I’m visiting…..

Regardless, it’s good to be able to make the most of the freedoms allowed to us presently, particularly when the weather makes it a pleasure to do so and my goodness, it’s good to feel good once more!

Long may it last.

Stay healthy.

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