By FlyingPRGal

Walking by moonlight

I walked by moonlight last night on the public footpaths through the fields surrounding Leeds village on the border of the Castle estate. All I could hear was the sound of birds, sheep, ducks and a peacock in the distance and the occasional hum of a lorry on the motorway.

I missed the NHS clap in my village this evening but I gave a solitary clap and the peacock in the distance replied with a call.

I delivered a food parcel to my friend who is a key worker with limited time to shop. We shared my farm shop delivery and I topped up with village store produce. It means he has a couple less journeys on public transport a week and it’s more economical too.

My friend had collected me an assortment of pine cones which I look forward to making into gifts and Christmas decorations.

Nature and friendship are two wonderful things.

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