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VE Day - 75 years!

What a wonderful day.
After coffee and the two minutes silence we set off up the village to see our son and took in the sights of preparations for celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day all around the village.
I think everyone has really embraced this due to the extraordinary circumstances at the moment.
Had a ’40s sing with our ATN choir on zoom at 2.00pm.
Set up our table under the bunting we had strung across our drive and then Chris went up to church to ring the bell at 4.00pm
After, we had Prosecco and nibbles sat at a safe distance from our neighbours either side and across the top of the cul de sac.(We didn’t get around to our picnic till later when we were back inside as we talked to much!)
People wandered up for a chat and to take photos. I did the same taking pictures of everyone who had made a huge effort, some dressing up themselves as well as decorating their homes and gardens.
The weather was perfect. We stayed out till about 7.30 and as people drifted away we went in to take part in a quiz at 8.00 organised for our local Players. A quiz after several glasses of Prosecco is probably not a good idea but as it was a picture quiz of ‘80s and ’90s music I don’t think it made a lot of difference. Any way we didn’t come last!
We have chatted with neighbours old and new and I think it has really brought us together. I’ve realised that a cul de sac is a great place for a neighbourhood get together.

My blip for today is one of the two lovely Pansy planters that Chris has made with the Union flags I have put in for today’s celebrations. The extra compilation shows our bunting down the drive and the amazing decorations of our next but one neighbour. I happened to time it just right for the setting sun to light up the window. The rest I’ll use for a special Flickr album.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, safely 

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