A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Blast from the past!

A most dispiriting day but no matter as I had a task planned.
I’d intended doing it on Bank holiday Monday as the weather forecast was the same but I got carried away on Flickr. 

I’ve been sorting out the bedroom for Eda and a future visit.
She used a cot on her last visit but has been in a bed since Christmas.  We have two single beds that slot one under the other, a very good buy from M&S many years ago and we’ve kept them. Grace felt it would be best to just have the mattress on the floor for now and I wasn’t sure how much I would have to move to get the bottom bed out. No problem at all the mattress came out on it’s own and after a quick reorganisation and clean I sorted out the bedding and all is done. 
The other bed, which will eventually be for Jude,  can continue to be a platform for the changing mat. Good to know we will be able to accommodate them once the cot is dispensed with. 

Even on the floor it looks nice, the duvet cover, which I’ve had for quite a while,  has elephants and other Indian style patterns on it.   I’ve sent a picture of it for Eda and she is excited.

On a visit to the garden centre for yet more pots (small ones this time) I spotted this for my blip. There was also an orange motor bike, two new additions to the many interesting exhibits there, but the reason the scooter held my interest was the label attached. I’ve seen vintage cars on the IOM but it is of course renowned for motor bike racing. I can just imagine a group of ‘Mods’ tearing around the island. Someone’s pride and joy no doubt given a new audience.

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