By Missycat

Day 47 VE Day celebrations 2020

Today being the 75th anniversary of VE Day, there was plenty to watch and do.  Early this morning I decided that we should make the effort to get out the box of decorations used for Daughter #1's 1940's themed party in 2015 and put up at least some of the bunting.  I regret to say that the splendid bunting in the top left picture belongs to two houses diagonally opposite to us and our effort was rather more modest but we did make an effort.  We stood for the two minutes silence at 11am in our house and watched quite a bit of the nation's socially distanced celebrations on TV up to Winston Churchill's famous address to the nation at 3pm when he declared that the war in Europe was over.
At 4pm we went outside into our front gardens to raise a glass and have a chat with our near neighbours and stayed for over an hour just in conversation, all carefully socially distanced of course.  It was lovely to have contact with other people and the mood was definitely upbeat.
This evening we have listened to Her Majesty's splendid  address to the nation and soon will be heading off to bed.
A very different day from the one originally planned but nevertheless a very successful one I think many will agree.

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