Adam's Images

By ajt

Good radio reception?

We are due some heavy storms today so my wife is working in the garden this morning. I went to take some pictures while it's dry and the original blip for today was going to be the Ox eye daisy which is now going three dimensional (see extra). I had just loaded the pictures into my computer when I wife called and I went to take the picture of this grass hopper bush cricket. It wasn't too warm so it didn't want to move much and I was able to get a few pictures with my macro lens, some with and some without high speed flash.

I like this picture because you can clearly see the absurdly long antennae that the grasshopper cricket has. My PhD supervisor was an expert on European grasshoppers, but I worked on an Asian plant hopper instead, so I was the only one in the team that didn't get to spend summer working in the Pyrenees where the Spanish and French varieties meet. Other than bring some individuals back from Switzerland for someone else I never really worked with them, though I did play with the software that we used to record and study their mating calls.

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