There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Come Together: Crust, Meet Pie; Pie, Meet Crust

The last time we went grocery shopping, I picked up several pounds of apples. I paid more per pound than I wanted to, but I had been craving an apple crisp, so I was willing to fork out the bucks. And to top it off, I was practically giddy about the whole affair, because I got to ride in the car and actually GO somewhere, albeit with a mask, etc.

However, my husband had other plans for the apples: "Where's my apple pie?" he announced when he got out of bed on this day. And so it was that I spent my morning making a pie. (And guess what: I still have a few apples left over, possibly enough to make a crisp!)

It had been a while, so I got out my cookbook to refresh my memory on the recipe. I included instructions on how to make an apple pie in a prior Blip, so let me link to that. If you want a pie of your own, for sure, go for it!

One of my most recent adventures with apples involved trying in vain to make ice cube tray apple pies. What a great big mess that was! Which was followed about a week later by greater success (some might even say redemption) with little pies made in muffin tins.

So I had a few moments of hilarity remembering those prior adventures; then I got to work. I peeled and diced the apples, made the crust, and put the whole thing together. This was the part in the process where I was making the final lattice crust. It involves cutting strips of crust about 3/4 to 1 inch wide and then weaving them together over top of the completed pie.

So there is my handy rolling pin, which has done its duty. My pie plate has been lined with one crust and filled with sugary and cinnamony apple goodness. On the right are my lattice bits. I thought it was a fun point in the process - just a few minutes from this point to All Done!

The soundtrack song for my crust and pie is this one: John Lennon and the Beatles, with Come Together.

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