There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Tulip Time on Campus

It's been a pretty crazy time for me. We are working on getting things ready for summer semester, which begins on Monday. And on this day, I was the photographer for the Hendrick Adult Learners Conference, as I did last year.

The conference gig is something different than my usual photo ops. It meant being away from the office for a full day, and being on my feet from about 8:15 to 4:15. For the record, yes, my feet still hurt. I also have 500 pictures to sort through (completely filled my photo card, first time ever), but it may be a few days until I get to them.

But in the morning, as I drove into campus, I saw what used to be called the Business Admin building, now called the Ford building. And it had a beautiful display of tulips along the bottom of the building, which I suddenly decided I needed to see!

So I parked my car at the Nittany Deck by the Inn and walked over, and stole a few minutes before everything else began, to take some pictures just for me. You might have been surprised, as several other people were, to walk past this building and find the conference photographer - ME! - lying flat on the ground, trying to get a decent angle on this building.

When I was a student, the Business Admin building was the home of the business programs and courses. I gather that nowadays, it houses health policy and administration (HPA) programs. There is a new business building along Park Avenue for business things, I guess.

Back in the undergrad days when I was a Liberal Arts (LA) major, the business majors used to make fun of us, tell us we'd never get any decent jobs, and threaten that we'd have to learn to say, "Do you want fries with that?" for our careers. I'm happy to report that none of that has had anything to do with my own work experience.  :-)

So maybe it's used for HPA now, but here's a song for the business folks who used to own this building and who spent their time teasing and threatening all of us LA folks: the Steve Miller Band, with Take the Money and Run.

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