That Will Do!

By flumgummery

A Swanston Walk

Mr Flum  recently discovered a new walk on the way to Swanston, a route through trees as the course of a game called Disc Golf, see map location.  Extra 2 shows the explanatory notice board and (to its right), a view down the course; below, views towards the Pentlands and the 'T' wood, plus a fleeting glimpse of Swanston Cottage, with its RLS connection.

Along our route there and back we admired the blossom - extra 1, of  Rowan (with St Mark's Fly or Hawthorn fly - one of many), Hawthorn, possibly Midland  Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata) and Ramsons.

Main picture, closer to home of a male Orange Tip, resting on bluebells after a little flirtation with a female Orange Tip. 

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