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By Jeanneb53


Watched the antics of this cheeky squirrel on our front garden bird feeder for a little while first thing. Blip sorted.

As predicted the cold weather has arrived, grey and a very cold wind, not tempting me to go anywhere.

Also arriving first thing was this article on the BBC News page 
It’s about our singing group! I was ill in December. Just scraped through our big Christmas concert (170 on stage) with a croaky throat and then two days later on Christmas Eve, then the worst cold I’ve had for some time. I emphasise cold as I’m sure that’s what it was. It left me with a cough and chest infection which, sadly, is usual for me. The cough wasn’t as bad as some I’ve had but I knew the chest infection was still there, so I eventually had a phone appt with my Dr last month and was prescribed anti biotics. They quickly did the trick, so I’m sure I’ve not had the virus but it sounds as though some might have. As far as I’m aware there have been no reported casualties from the group, I hope not anyway.

What to do today, start a jigsaw or some more knitting. I’ve already done another cardigan for Eda which as it for a 3 yr old I’ve not sent as it will do when I eventually see her as it’s an easy wash one for nursery so that won’t be before September!

I’ve seen a cardigan I’d like for myself, Rowan, but I’m steeling myself to pay for the cotton and mohair yarn!
I have some sewing but like to do that in a sunny window or in the garden where the light is good.
So a jigsaw it is. The penultimate one I have that I haven’t already done. 

It’s interesting how weekends have developed into a bit of a lull in between our busy walking and singing schedule during the week. Think there may be an ATN zoom quiz tonight but haven’t heard confirmation of that yet.

Had we been at the wee hoose in the highlands, as intended, I think we would have been stoking the wood burning stove!

Keep up the acrobatics of the social distancing life and stay safe.

(Danger - just found the yarn reduced in a Bank holiday sale. The jigsaw will do till it arrives!)

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