A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

One of eight!

We heard the cygnets had arrived on the pond at our VE day street ‘party’ on Friday but avoided rushing up with the hordes over the weekend knowing they would still be there, hopefully, this week. So we decided to visit today to see them and make some videos to send to Eda.

A very cold wind when we set off and even a bit of rain but we had the pond to ourselves. First we saw a pair of Canada Geese with their goslings, a number were pushing under their mother, whilst dad stood guard, so I’m not sure how many, but one was obliviously pecking away all around dad’s feet. It suddenly seemed to realise it was on it’s own and scurried to snuggle under mum with the others, (compilation)

We could see the swans by the island so headed off to view them and the delightful 8 cygnets. At one point we had dad join the family from the island before he shot off to chase a goose away as usual. This prompted mum to follow with the cygnets paddling frantically after her - compilation - with one just managing to hop on board. 

She settled in one of the little bays at the far side of the pond so we headed that way to see them briefly on land. Shortly after arriving I could see someone was coming with a dog. Initial alarm was soon alleviated as I saw the dog was being put on a lead and then tied to a bush. It turned out to be an ex member of our am dram group whose children were at school with ours. 
Standing watching the cygnets and chatting at a distance, the cold really started to penetrate so we headed home for a warming coffee.

En route through the village we stopped at the butchers for pies for lunch and some stewing steak for a warm stew later in the week. He said he’d arrived at work at 6.30am and it had been snowing!

Stay safe everyone and warm if you’re in the UK!

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