A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Tiny tadpoles

Not as early as we like to start our walks but Chris had his second hair cut this morning. It was a lovely sunny start but with a sneaky cool breeze but no rain. 

We walked through the lower St Ives Woods where the bluebells are now looking their best, a lovely deep blue and few pink Rhododendrons flowering too in contrast.

Not sure why but my legs felt like lead and I found the walking heavy going so we returned to the Ivy Kitchen after crossing Betty’s Wood and got a coffee. As we were a bit later the cafe, which can now serve outside, was very busy so we got our take away coffee and took it to the picnic area.

Finally we walked around Coppice Pond and fed the waterfowl. Quite a few Greylag geese which I didn’t see last time I was there and there was a pair of ducks with 4 ducklings. The pen must have been in the island as there was no sign of her or the 7 cygnets that have been born earlier this week. The Cob was busy chasing geese away form the vicinity. That’s his job!

Whilst standing watching I looked down and saw these tadpoles. There were lots of them so well have froglets all over very soon. Unfortunately I didn’t have my polariser on my lens so there is a bit of glare off the water.

The coffee seemed to revive my legs a bit and we got home to all the washing dry and ready to take in. A very pleasant morning.The rain is bouncing down now!

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