By feorlean

LD 48 Day 7 in Black and White

See Monday ...

(But as this is my last day a wee reflection on the challenge.   First of all, thanks Peter for suggesting it.

Certainly using no words to explain the picture or comment on it  is strange for me , and I have come to realise that I not very good at letting the picture speak for itself - or rather I am very used to  amplifying what I have tried to do  and maybe that is something I should consider more carefully.   

Of  course sometimes the words and the picture together are the story - for example today I have spent most of the afternoon on work including attending a Cabinet meeting by phone and signing off the new Coronavirus Bill which will be published tomorrow.  Hence the images.

I  have also  enjoyed the starkness of black and white but have not been as comfortable with its gentler and more diffuse side - again something to think about.

Anyway I was nominated by someone with Ayrshire roots who lives in Brussels, I am someone with Ayrshire roots who lives in Argyll, so I nominate a blipper  with Ayrshire roots who is actually in Ayrshire -   look forward to seeing what Nature Lass makes of it !) 

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