By Veronica


I was up bright and early this morning; we have rather slacked on the "between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m." slot in the last few days, but it is preferable to evening walks. The sun is low and bright, and at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning there's hardly anyone about. When I returned I caught sight of this brightly illuminated tree against the dark cliff, so that's my blip. Jacaranda I think.

On my way back I spotted a notice in our closed local ice cream parlour saying they were now doing takeaways with preorder by phone, so S WhatsApped them. They said they'd deliver,  so at 2 pm I met a man on a moped at the bottom of our steps to take delivery of a litre. 

The food diary has fallen by the wayside recently. Yesterday I made potage bonne femme with the tired-looking vegetables in the bottom of the fridge and the chicken stock from our recent roast, so we started with that. Then S prepared rainbow trout en papillotte with orange, lemon, root ginger, and toasted almonds. Very nice. Cheese and biscuits, then cheesecake bought from Mercadona ... ice cream saved for later.

It's been a changeable day weatherwise. It even rained a few drops at lunchtime.  Breezy, cloudy, sunny, but for large parts of the day, including lunch, it was possible to sit outside. Only about 150 pages of The Mirror and the Light to go ...

Last night's film was Billy Wilder's Fedora. Having recently seen The Apartment, which is brilliant, this, his penultimate film made in the 1970s, was rather disappointing. The same idea as the far superior Sunset Boulevard -- it even has William Holden in it. But we found the structure of multiple flashbacks and flashbacks within flashbacks weak, and Marthe Keller as the supposedly glamorous reclusive star very unconvincing. Zero charisma. You already know how it ends at the beginning (always a risky strategy) and the big twist is revealed not much more than halfway through. so what is the point of the rest of it? It seems to divide opinion with some claiming it's a work of genius and others in the "meh" camp.

We're looking on at others anticipating coming out of lockdown. The Costa Tropical has the lowest incidence of Covid-19 in Andalusia, so I'm pretty sure the reason they decided not to relax lockdown here is because they didn't want hordes of people in worse-affected Granada city to sneak down here to their second homes. Annoying. But I'd still rather be here than in the UK. No government has handled this crisis perfectly, but Johnson's lot are worse than most. Today's new slogan: utterly baffling.

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