By hazelh


Either we have a family of enormous moles living in our back garden, or someone has done a lot of digging. The idea is that this soil will be used to level the lawn - eventually.

This morning I stocked up soup supplies (spiced sweet potato) and baked brownies (a little gloopy in the middle, but tasted wonderful). This afternoon we cycled up to Morningside for a cup of tea in the sunshine under a flurry of snow(!) in Liz, Tony and Katie's garden (seated safely 2 metres apart from one another). They have not made much progress with the 5000-piece jigsaw that we lent them on 11th April.

It's also been quite a sociable day with online chats with Jack and Katharine, and Mr hazelh's family, plus a lovely phone call with Winsford.

We were not impressed with the latest broadcast from Downing Street this evening :-(

Exercise today: 9 mile tandem ride to Morningside and back.

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