By hazelh

Rosslyn Chapel

I was inspired by Ridgeback13's blip yesterday to ride out to Rosslyn on my bike with Mr hazelh this afternoon. I blipped the chapel, devoid of Da Vinci Code tourists.

We travelled there on the (much quieter than usual) roads. For the return journey we found the Ridgeback13's wonderful path, although we lost it in Liberton. This didn't really matter: we were in our home town, we were cycling unloaded, we weren't meant to be at a bed and breakfast by a certain time, and it was daylight. It's always so much worse when we get lost on holiday!

We made it home in good time to play Scrabble in the garden before the sun disappeared behind the houses. Unfortunately one of our neighbours accidentally locked us into the garden. Fortunately I can wolf-whistle loud enough to bring people to their windows!

Exercise today: cycling (18 miles); sit-ups, weights and stretches.

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