A great day for drying the washing

if you can keep it on the line ...... It was blowing a hoolie, & chilly with it. I donned my jacket & gloves to venture up the allotment. We did'nt have a frost but I think my plants appreciated being wrapped up, I wandered up through the cemetery looking for a suitable shot for today's challenge. I took a few but they did'nt convert to a mono that I liked. I went over the gate into the allotments, Julie & her daughter were having a nose around the other plots on the site, checking out what they were growing, looking for any ideas or tips that they could use. What I do occasionally.  I reached my plot just as a gust of wind whipped the newspaper from under the polythene, so I chased after it. Perfect timing as I was imagining the wind might have sent the newspaper all over. The wind was so strong & bitterly cold. Everything secured I walked up to town for the newspaper. Not many folks about. Back home I gave the garden a watering with the hosepipe. There is no sign of rain on the horizon. I sorted through my seed box, there are some perennials  I would like to raise from seed but for now don't have room in my greenhouse. I kpet the greenhouse closed all day, the sun was lovely and warm but sheltering from the wind not easy. The washing was blowing out so thought I would give it the high key treatment. I looked at the settings from some of the MM329 entries attempting to replicate them on my little Panasonic for a shot but eventually resorted to the high key mode then converting to mono. If the wind had'nt been so cold I might have persevered with the manual settings. Hey ho!

Bubble n' squeak & cold meat for dinner tonight.

Thanks to carolina for setting today's challenge.

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