True to myself

         ~ Friend ~

A little wish just for you,
here is what you must do,
tie the band around your wrist
now close your eyes and make a wish
eventually the band will fray in two
and the wish you made just might come true.

The poem attached to the thin pink band with the little silver star that arrived in the post today from a friend. I made a wish, I also hope that I don't lose the little silver star, should the band fray.

I was up the plot early this morning checking on the frost damage ... not too bad, hopefully the potato plants will recover. Everything else, the peas, & runner beans looked perky. I was just finishing up, when I had a visitor, Jorgiesmum with the  very bouncy Jorgie arrived for a long overdue catch up. It was lovely to chat, it would have been better over a coffee & slice of cake, but social distancing and all that. They headed to the moors, I headed home, picked up some tools then went down to mums. I had a winter jasmine hedge to rip out. Totally overgrown and out of control. Mum carried on digging the border after attempting to remove the Allium triquetrum aka Three cornered leek. A nightmare of a plant, impossible to get rid of once you have in the garden, leave the tiniest of bulbules in the ground and it multiplies like billy-o. We worked until 1.30, had a short break for a snack & coffee, then I carried on while Mum took her dog for a walk. I got home at 4.20pm to be greeted, correction, grunted to by a sulky 75 years old, which I ignored.

Dinner tonight ... tray baked veggies &  salmon with steamed broad bean tips. Delicious! Well I thought so ... I'm not sure what anyone else thought as there was'nt any response.

I headed up the allotment to cover up the veggies. I'm not taking any chances. The forecast is 3deg c.

Thanks to wrperry for hosting this month

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