By Kipsie

It was all going so smoothly

The morning started dry, I walked up to fetch the paper, having a nose at other peoples gardens, checking what was looking good along the way. I made banana & walnut bread a couple of days ago, one of the loaves  I planned to drop off at the riding stables, along with a jar of Courgette, orange & hazelnut chutney, where I've been helping myself to manure.I swung by as I headed to Mum's to walk Indie. I hope they don't have nut allergies. I made a point of mentioning the inclusion of nuts. I arrived at Mum's earlier than usual but as the forecast was rain coming about 11ish I did'nt hang about chatting. A lap of the sodden heath, a walk down the old railway track to check on the dipper. I think the young have fledged but not easy to scramble down the bank with Indie so might just go back tomorrow morning alone. :-) Back at Mum's, this morning we browsed an old photo album of my Grandparents, Mum & younger brother Brian plus other family members. Some lovely images. Mum often gets the albums, of which she has many, for a browse. It started to rain as I left for home.
My second Covid jab at 2pm. I'd planned exactly what & where I had to go, jab, shopping etc., then hubby informed me that he was driving me in ...... :-( .. Our last road trip together had "it's moments". Today had "it's moments" too.
The vaccination centre is very well organised, my appointment 2pm - 2.10pm..  I went straight in, checked, jabbed, 15minute wait & out. The volunteers & all involved are doing a wonderful job. We are so fortunate. I shall continue my own Covid flow test & report results every 3-4 days.
Newton Abbot horse race meeting cancelled due to waterlogged course. I know we've had some rain but I'm surprised it was that much. It's still raining quite heavily now. I've just checked the forecast for the next few days. Friday could be dry ...

The stones in my collection come from a number of locations including the SWCP & Thailand. The lines & rings fascinate me. They actually look more striking wet BUT I got shouted at earlier for opening the kitchen window while cooking dinner, so opening the door ....... Well I'll leave it there ..

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