By Kipsie

Back flip .. correction ... Back Blip to yesterday

which went like this ............................
Breakfast, up the allotment to remove all the frost protection, water everything thoroughly, drive up to town fetch the paper, drop that back home, make Mr Misery a coffee, drive to Mum's, but first I nip up onto Chudleigh Knighton heath to possibly find a suitable Wide Wednesday Portrait Format. While looking for an image I spotted some perfectly sized hazel for supporting Mum's runner bean plants that I've got in the car. I just happened to have my secateurs  in my back pocket. I cut 6 sticks. The photo was taken just before I came across a mega builders rubble flytip .... Nothing makes me madder ... GRHHHH!!
At Mum's I carry on working on the overgrown winter jasmine hedge, digging out the roots, and turning the ground, every forkful finding more of the Three cornered leek, which made the job take far longer. Job completed. I pruned the two weeping Salix in the front garden. Next a trip to Trago to pick up compost, followed by possibly my fastest Coop shop. Home again to Mum's, a quick lunch. Kevin arrived to cut the lawns, plus remove all the garden waste I had created. The green garden waste bin full to the brim. Perfect timing! Mum went out with Indie and I cleared up. Got home at 4pm-ish .... Oh dear!!! More sulking. I watched The Chase, then made dinner. Tonight's experimental dish ... Pot roast chicken with leeks & mixed beans in a cider & cream sauce ... delish!
Up to the allotment, to cover the veggies, could be more frost.

Thanks to RSDphotography for hosting

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