The Whys Man

By WhysMan2

In Pursuit of the Question Mark

Today, at the exhibition there were classes from two school, the first one was an S2 Art & Design class from Glasgow Gaelic School, and the second was a P1 class from St Patrick's PS, so a big difference in their ages and experiences and the ways in which they looked at the exhibits.

One of the best things about the exhibition has been the way people of all ages and interests have made it their own.

The S2 pupils, who feature in today's photo, were investigating various types of artwork, thinking about found objects and trying to identify themes in the works. They had a list of questions to consider, and hopefully, at the end of their visit, a list of their own questions to ask. They were also asked to select one piece and comment on it.

The P1s were full of questions and were very keen to tell us - and show us - their own favourite scul?tures. St Patrick's pupils have been visiting every day this week, concentrating on questions. Yesterday, they even came with a poem about questions.

Their teacher told us today that the original version of that poem by Kipling goes on to conclude with these lines...

I know a person small...
... Who gets no rest at all...
... From the second she opens her eyes -
One million Hows, two million Wheres
And seven million Whys!

I think we know such people too. They've been visiting the exhibition and making their own artwork these last three months, counting question marks, and asking oh so many questions...

One of the questions which the S2 pupils were to consider was... "Why do you think that the title of this exhibition is In Pursuit of the Question Mark?"

They know.

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