Tiny Tuesday ....Wild flower

I am not sure if I have identified this little yellow flower properly as creeping cinquefoil, I am happy to be corrected.......it wasn't until I uploaded it that I noticed the single dandelion seed head, captured with a minute rainbow from the shaft of sunlight, quite magical. Thanks to wrperry for hosting this month.
Can't complain about the weather, beautiful blue sky, no wind, and warm in the sunshine. Had a lovely long chat to my eldest son in Australia this morning and yesterday, a good catchup with my youngest in Vietnam, just received the latest photo of him with his baby son Ben.... in extras.

Everyone is talking about the latest Covid 19 updates, in my humble opinion, we all have to be very patient, it is still out there, and dangerous, and we can only move forward slowly and cautiously......
So, into the garden with my book.......:))

Thanks so much for looking in and all the lovely responses :)

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