Life through the lens...

By ValC

Tiny Tuesday

This is the very tiny flowers of Tormentil.....Potentilla erecta.
The flowers a bright yellow but in my photo the edges have come out white. See extra photo shows the plant growing amongst the grass.
Only use my pocket camera on auto. but often have difficulty photographing yellow flowers.
It is surprising the many different varieties of wild flowers we see on our walk every day.

Today is International Nurses Day, and
Florence Nightingale’s 200th Birthday.
She was the first to say that the simplest way to protect yourself from infection was to wash your hands carefully and frequently during the day. She understood the importance of cleanliness in halting the spread of infections.
What a pity weren’t all doing this before we had heard of Covid- 19.

Nursing leaders are asking us all to
“ Shine a light” in our window at 8.30 pm. tonight.
We will be doing this as a thank you to all nurses, and especially for Hannah, our granddaughter.

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