By Stella2

Green winged Orchid

An interesting day it started by me thinking of trying for a delivery slot at a local supermarket and managing to get a collect from store on for next week.  This meant I had to make an order and pay for it within a certain time period.  I wasn't prepared for that so it took me some time to put together one and by then I had forgotten how long I had to do it.  I managed it though and only found out afterwards that I can amend the order over the next few days.  So it was a late breakfast this morning.  

After lunch we got our son to drop us off at Exmouth as we planned walking back along the coastal footpath to our home.  I wanted to find the Green winged Orchids that two friends had told me about.  I wasn't disappointed although it was evident that the peak of flowering was over there were still a few good specimens around.  They are very small orchids with sheath like leaves and the green veined sepals and petals form a helmet like structure around the flower.  Most of the flowers were purple although there were a few paler ones.  They are very similar to the ones I saw on the golf course a few days earlier.

It was a beautiful day sunny with a coldish breeze and very good visibility ie we could see Portland Bill and we both enjoyed the walk along the cliffs immensely, see extra for the fine views.

Our son is planning to travel to London tomorrow to move all his belonging out of his flat and return them home to our house.  Lets hope he hasn't too much to bring back.

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