By Stella2

Green winged Orchid

I was out early this morning with a friend visiting the field in Exmouth where the Green winged orchids are found.  We had been advised that they are now in bloom.  Funnily enough I visited this field exactly a year ago when I commented that the peak of the flowering was over but that there were still a few late ones around.  They are very small orchids with sheath like leaves and the green veined sepals and petals form a helmet like structure around the flower.  There were various different forms of this variety, see extras and also about 3 white ones.

It was a lovely start to the day with the sun out and we managed to take all the photos we wanted before the rain started.  I had also managed to get a swim in as there had been a cancellation this afternoon.  That was certainly a shock to the system but I felt better for it.

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