He's back!

I spent all afternoon outside with our birds. I really needed to hear the birdsongs(remembering Ireland a year ago and the hedgerow melodies) and be among the colors. Mr. Hummer was elusive, but I snagged this shot. They ignore me and my 300mm, so I had a day of photos. There were many other winged friends who might have gotten the blip shot of the day, you can see them in my dwindling extras. My 100 never last long.

I had sad news today, another family friend in her late 90s is gone. She slipped away of Corvid-19 in a nursing home. She was a teaching buddy of my mothers, an identical twin, and mother of fraternal twins. She's with her twin sister now and one of her children, the twin son. His surviving sister has now lost her husband, twin brother and mother since this past January. So much loss, too much to comprehend.

Extras, Mama Oriole, Papa standing guard while she has some grape jelly and a See-Saw squabble between a male Oriole and a male Red-Bellied Woodpecker. The Oriole with the needle beak won. 

For the Record,
This day came in sunny and cool

All hands wary.

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