Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Hereford: Life is but a theatre.....

This is the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford. It has very organised space. Everything is organised into blocks. A block in which you can eat and drink. A block in which you can view the Gallery. A block where you can pick up your tickets. A block where you can wait to queue for your show.

The organisation of people and large groups fascinates me. I used to teach communication studies in Bristol. We always discussed 'environmental communication' and its impact on human behaviour. We used to look at huge cathedrals. How they silenced the individual, by not only the space but your vulnerability against something so vast. Like vast libraries, where your voice travels in echoes between the stones, your forced down to a whisper.

Some people like sheep feel comforted by the penning environment. You know where you are in a space like this. You need not ask questions. The building gives authority and direction. You know without question where you are. Where you are heading. Where food is. This is helpful, because it just lets you focus on enjoying your experience. It keeps people, like sheep or chickens happy and calm.

Conversely, even my own outside space at home is organised. I like to know where things are. I like to call it organised chaos. I think everyone needs some reassurance about them. Without it, life is just hard work. Well, for me anyway x

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