By Missycat

Day 53 Foliage

Another day of mostly sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures, although not warm enough for just sitting idly in the garden.  No rain yet again: we could really do with some , or at least the garden could.
The debate continues over the wisdom of the government's plan to send back to school Reception, Year 1 and Year 6  children on 1 June, in England at least.  I heard two separate but rather silly statements from medical experts on the subject today: firstly one maintained that this age group were either walked or taken in buggies to school and the other that it was all perfectly safe because the majority of teachers are young and healthy anyway. Hmm.
Having had again the opportunity to try our hands at home schooling today, I'm not sure which I find preferable: that or hazards of going to and from the school each day! We eventually decided that a nature lesson was best and went to look at the tadpoles in the pond in Linder's Field.  It in the field that I took several shots of the trees now full in leaf, so there was plenty of foliage to shoot..
I've used the window pane effect again (Panels in PS Elements) and changed the colour with Picasa Heat Map.  I did try another panel effect and different colours which I rather liked, so I'm adding it in Extras.
Many thanks as always, for her continued hosting, to Ingeborg, who is going through a very trying time atm.

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