By Missycat

Day 418 It's Flower Friday!

Today was another of grey skies and intermittent rain showers.  Nevertheless, I managed to leave the house twice: once to go into the front garden to photograph these cheery poppies for FF.  The campanula and aubretia are in bud but not yet open enough to feature on Flower Friday.  I'm pleased to see that the roses are also full of buds but will be rather later coming into flower than last year.  Secondly I did manage to take my daily walk up and down the street.  I felt extremely warm because it is still rather an effort, but poor Mr MC was frozen as he was walking at snail's pace!

In other news: BJ addressed the nation this evening to give us the good news and potentially bad news.  It is intended that in England the proposed relaxing of restrictions in England will happen as planned on Monday next.  on the other hand, the proposed final removal of restrictions due to happen on 21 June, may or may not happen depending on worried the experts become about the 'Indian Variant' of the virus and that in turn will depend on how rapidly it spreads across the UK and whether or not  it results in more hospitalizations and deaths.  To help mitigate the effects, it has been decided to put in place surge testing in the most affected areas and to accelerate the vaccination programme throughout..  There is no further word on the closure of our borders.

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