By Yorkshirebred

NOT Flower Friday

Having seen so many gorgeous flowers around, I didn’t think it would be a problem finding a subject for Flower Friday.  However, it was a nice day again, so I called at the butchers for a couple of things I’d forgotten yesterday, and decided to go to try to see the lovely cygnets and goslings other Blippers had posted photos of this week.  It was pretty quiet on the route I took through the woods, and not too bad around Coppice Pond where the one way system seemed to be working well.  No goslings about, and the swans,mm and cygnets were right out in the middle of the water.  Knowing that might happen I had taken my other camera with a better zoom, and this was the best if the shots.  I took food for the ducks, but unfortunately there were lots of people feeding them bread despite signs asking them not to do so, so I think they were all full!  Some gorgeous flowers out in the sunshine, so I’ve put a collage of the nicest blooms in extras if you care to look, plus one of the woodlands (and had to include 2 spaniels who were having a whale if a time in the water).  Lovely to be out!

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