By K9tam


To our family Louis.

This has been my day today. We've all been very good about lockdown because we knew I was going to have to break it for Jodie to be able to go into hospital with her husband while I looked after Franky and Woody.

The centre pic is just after Louis (Loo Wee) arrived and Jodie face timed Franky, difficult to get a  screenshot as I was at right angles to him, but pleased to have caught his wonderful expression.

I can't believe I have four Grandsons and one Granddaughter. We've been a family dominated by girls. My Mum was one of two girls, she had two girls, and I had two girls. My Dad was the only boy with three sisters, and Jeff had a sister! We're going to have some crazy family times in the years to come! Bring it on.

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