Thanks Aiden from Lovingly Artisan in Kendal, who runs  a sourdough bakery and gave me some starter this afternoon. He had given me my original starter on one of his courses but somehow it ended up in the dishwasher after an unsuccessful attempt to make crumpets. As Aiden said, you can't revive it from the dishwasher, so he gave me some more,. Enough in fact to make a loaf tomorrow and a bit left to feed.  Bought  two loaves from him, (a seeded barley and a dark rye) and some ciabatta rolls to say thank you, because his bread is better than mine anyway. He's had a lot more practice.

Zoom family quiz night hosted by a Mr P's nephew in Swanage, We had to dress in gear appropriate for a Swanage beach party. Mr P and I won the fancy dress prize but failed dismally on the quiz.  Here is the proof, me with my wild swimming outdoor robe and a background of a Dorset beach. Mr P has a bucket and spade on the table but the virtual background of a Dorset beach can't cope with too much on the table/ Thanks to PaulaJ for the idea. 

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