Stumbled over a nice patch of orchids as I did the lockdown orienteering course on Helsington Barrows today. With a 2km walk to the start from the carpark and 4km wandering round looking for bits of white canvas tape tied to bushes and stones, my total walk was about 8.5km 16,600 paces. I'm assuming these are early purple orchids , an entry for Wild Flower Week, thank you Miranda1008 for hosting this challenge. 
Tried to get growbags for all the veg plants we have grown from seed but Homebase and B&Q both sold out. I'll try an independent nursery first thing in the morning to avoid the inevitable weekend queue.

Day 57 
468 deaths today, that's more than yesterday, taking the total to 34,466.
South Lakeland has dropped to 4th highest from 3rd in the country for number of cases per 100,000 population. Barrow is still highest (although Barrow claims they have tested 3 times more than anywhere else) ,  2nd worse still Lancaster but Ashford in Kent has overtaken us . With Sunderland and Gateshead not far behind.

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