What did we do during lockdown?

Make more bread than we can eat so it goes in the freezer and  now there is some relaxation in the lock down rules, make face masks. 

Advice from Wed 13 May in England, on wearing face masks is:- 
People should aim to wear face coverings on public transport and in some shops.

Also in other "enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible and they come into contact with others that they do not normally meet"

They don't say which shops, I assume its ones which have narrow aisles or if the shop insists . I'm going to send one of the blue ones to Mother. She's in her 80s, does not use the internet and her weekly exercise is pushing a trolley round Tescos.  She insists she's not had one of those letters telling her to stay in .  If more people are out and about she needs to take more care. The patterned ones are made with curtain material and are too thick to breathe so you get very hot. . Not a success.

 Roast Beef Dinner take-away from the Brown Horse Inn

Cumbria police turned back 10 "Super Cars"who drove to the Lakes for a cruise around.  They were advised this was not an essential journey,   escorted back to the M6 and sent back to their counties. The group included a Ferrari and a Jag. 

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