“It’s easy” she said!
All you need to make a mask is a sock
     and a pair of scissors
          no sewing required - 
so I could have saved nearly £200
     spent on a new sewing machine!
Before I used one of my new socks,
     I thought I would try it first
          on one of Mr. HCB’s old socks.
It WAS a clean one - 
     the other sort doesn’t bear thinking about -
          from the very back of his sock drawer.
Downstairs I crept
     while he was still in the garden
          and watched the video again.
Mind you, it didn’t help that the lady
     was speaking a foreign language!

Watching carefully, I followed the instructions :
First of all you cut off the toe
     then you cut off a couple of inches above the heel -
          and then comes the hard bit -
you cut from the toe backwards
     to make two strips -
          looking at it, I wasn’t sure
               it was quite right
                    so I watched the video again.
Ah - I’d forgotten to cut from the top
     of the strips to round it off -
          that should do it!
Except of course, it didn’t.

What she didn’t say in the video
     was that it would make you look
          as if you were a little pig with a snout!
I’m glad I only used a very old sock
     and I think I might need to get
          that sewing machine working after all.

All I can say is that I would
     probably get 10 out of 10 for trying
          and I did do my best!
However, the bigger issue now is - with gloves on
               how do I undo a bar of chocolate
                    and eat it?
I think I might need to ask
     my friend, Susan, about that -
          she is a whizz at wearing gloves,
               a hat and scarf and then undoing
a bar of chocolate - 
     with a knife and fork!
I knew that silly game we used to play
     at Church parties
          would come in useful one day!

Have a great weekend folks

“If you’re doing your best,
     you won’t have any time
          to worry about failure.”
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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