... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Brockwell Park: Posing With Parent

Fuzzier and foliar in large.
Favourite Cygnet Shot
Sudden swan series (right from here)
Imogen's favourites: Framed by foliage & Tailing her

Mum, Im, and I went to Brockwell Park in the morning (we're visible in the gosling's eye above)... The Gosling Spy Network (GSN) had informed me of cygnets and goslings at the park, and although they were diminished in number, there were indeed 4 cygnets ('though no pale Polish ones remained...) and 2 bean-baggy Canada goslings, which was a treat.
We had a peaceful time poking around (in spite of the joggers), so I ended up with far too many pictures; if you feel like a cuteness overload, there's quite a batch on Flickr, inc. several action series.
Photographically, the territorial swan menacing the Canada geese was the most dramatic set of shots, but these Canada goslings were the most uplifting characters.

Others here (or right from Territorial swan)

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