By Veronica


A massive grasshopper that posed nicely on the garden path. Much more cooperative than yesterday's warbler, who was still in action today, whizzing up and down the garden, under the awning of the terrace, and at one point swerving only about a foot from my face.

It's been announced that as from next week we'll be in Phase 1, which means we can go further afield, so we'll be able to go for proper walks. But still no swimming in the sea apparently. It will also be possible to have drinks on bar terraces, up to 50% of capacity. It's not yet clear whether anyone will find it worthwhile to open for this. And if they do, we will still be very careful about venturing forth.

Meanwhile we ended up spending about two hours drinking aperos with S and T on WhatsApp yesterday evening. It was nice to see them, and the familiar view from their balcony, but it's only a substitute for actually being face to face at a table. You quite often find yourselves talking over each other because of latency and lack of immediate eye contact.

I forgot to mention that on Thursday night we watched Some Like it Hot. This is one of those films that is so famous you assume you must have seen it, but in fact it turned out that neither of us had. And later I figured out that I was thinking of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which I have seen. Some Like it Hot is another corker from Billy Wilder, so funny and brilliantly acted, especially by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Lemmon steals every scene he's in, effortlessly. And I don't think Marilyn was ever more beautiful than she is in this, even if she does have to play a stereotypical dumb blonde yet again.

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