By Veronica


This little blighter teased me by whizzing up and down the terrace for a good half hour this afternoon, along with his more dowdy mate. But eventually he settled down in a hibiscus to preen, so I had an opportunity to try to focus on him through the tangle of branches. See a couple of alternatives in extras. Google tells me they are Sardinian warblers. I also saw some kind of yellow finch type bird this morning, but I didn't have the camera handy at that point. There's a surprising variety of birds in the garden; at first sight they are all small and brown but it pays to look more closely.

It's a year since I inadvertently won an eBay auction for my EM-10. It came with the bog-standard Olympus 14-42mm lens, but later I bought the same one Arachne has, a 14-150mm and that's now the only one I use. I'm impressed by the detail it's captured in these very cropped images.

Today's other excitement was taking Mystère to the vet for his annual jabs. The vets were pleased to see him; I don't think it really needs two people to do an injection, they just like stroking him. He was complimented on his shiny fur. He has been glum ever since, I think the jab makes him feel a bit off-colour. He's asleep, we're shortly going to have a Zoom apero with S and T.

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