By Veronica

A cut above

First professional haircut since January 2020! Hairdresser Sandrine was very kind about S's efforts and said he'd done a lot better than most of her clients. He did at least keep it more or less under control, but I have to say it feels great to have a proper short haircut. I hadn't been to Sandrine's salon before, but she's a neighbour, and I popped in and made an appointment when we passed in front of the salon a few days ago. And she only charges 20 euros!

I very rarely do selfies ... last time was a haircut too! -- and it feels awkward. There's a mono version in extras because I couldn't quite decide. 

Someone asked for the babka recipe, so I translated it into English and put it on my blog. If any of you bakers want to try it, I will not be held responsible when you slip down the wormhole of sourdough baked goodies and find yourselves contemplating croissants.

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