By Veronica

Watch out GBBO!

No-one saw me doing the happy dance in front of the stove. Here is my babka! I am amazed, having never tried such a fancy bread before. Before photo in extras. It smelled lovely while it was baking. Having waited impatiently for it to cool, we tried a slice with a cup of tea, and it was delicious. Filled with ground almonds, cinnamon, brown sugar, diced apples, and sultanas.

We finally finished the fourth season of Dix Pour Cent/Call My Agent last night. How could they end it like that? We were devastated! Especially about Jean Gabin. Reports that I was yelling at Andréa to push Elise under a bus are exaggerated however. Apparently there will be a fifth season, and maybe even a feature film.

Now we have nothing to watch, and nothing to read to each other either, as we've finished The Shipping News. Any recommendations for something cheerful?

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