By Veronica


I accidentally won an eBay auction.

When I got my little windfall, I idly considered the idea of using it to buy a mirrorless camera for travelling purposes. I never take my DSLR with me if I fly anywhere because it would use my entire baggage allowance. I knew exactly what I would choose if I did buy one, looked online and baulked at the price for a new one, knowing I'd have to buy at least one lens as well.

Then I checked eBay. There happened to be one up for an auction finishing in a couple of days. There were no bids and four people following it. So I brightly thought, "Oh, I'll just stick a low bid in, then someone will outbid me at the last minute and I'll check how much it went for." That's what usually happens.

Well, colour me surprised. No-one else bid for it and it was mine for the asking price of 220 euros. Amazon is listing the same camera for over 500 euros ... So I'm now the happy owner of an EM-10 Mk II to add to my collection. See extra for my first test shot of a subject that just happened to be handy. This was handheld, 1/10 sec and ISO1600 -- astonishing. I haven't done any retouching or noise reduction, just cropped and converted to mono (as if you can tell the difference with this subject). Now my mind is boggled  by the zillions of functions described in the manual.

Yesterday's happy dénouement of the concert catastrophe is backblipped. All caught up now!

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