By Veronica

Los Marinos

At least being limited to a kilometre from home means that we explore parts we haven't seen before. Here's a view of our barrio, Los Marinos, from a different viewpoint. I'm afraid you can't see our house because it's behind the tree in the middle. Just to the left of the tree: view-blocking Chinasol.

We found another of those odd little wild bits of Almuñecar which for some reason hasn't been developed, despite not being on the flood plain between the two riverbeds, and having urban development all round it. We found a secret tropical garden which will be blipped later.

Covid news: the Spanish government has done a very large study using antibody tests which implies that 5% of the Spanish population has had Covid (obviously a long way off herd immunity!). There's also a breakdown by province showing that in Granada the percentage is only 2.4%. Yet unlike other provinces with higher rates, we are still in phase 0 of lockdown. This may change next week. At least one benefit of staying here so long is that my Spanish has improved enormously and I can now comfortably read newspaper articles.

I also read a very interesting article in the New York Times about contrarian French virologist Didier Raoult (of chloroquine fame). It's behind a paywall, but if you can get access I recommend it (NYT subscriptions currently 2 euros/month). 

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